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Now it gets used every time I go across her knee. The round or paddle types with a flat back seem to be a natural tool for spanking. I also think it may hurt the most. I would prefer every spanko Top look into MY soul, and realize I do not want him to paint on my canvas with brushes, I much prefer he finger paint! Stocking fillers for Essex girls. The brush with the bristles drilled into the wood makes less noise.

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I suppose that wouldn't work however.

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Bathbrush spanking

But once I achieved it, further entries into subspace become easier and easier. To add to his annoyance she has also accidently washed his glasses! It is much more subtle than a riding crop hanging on a hook. Kmart Catalogue 28 July — 21 August, 2 years ago. I've got one just like it. I find it both a turn on and very embarrassing being undressed in front of them! We have both signed an agreement - a modified version of the Spencer Spanking Plan - and when he messes up on the things he and I BOTH agreed on, he is spanked.

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bathbrush husband spank wife
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bathbrush husband spank wife
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