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Empathy, polyandry, and the myth of the coy female. Learning that the person you're in love with loves you too Suddenly, everything in the world feels right when two people exchange "I love you. As argued above, all orgasms are clitoral but many do not engage the full extent of the clitoris. Sperm transport by some form of intra-uterine action is a phenomenon that has been found across mammalian taxa — as one might expect of an adaptation West-Eberhard, First, the six experiments on which their null sperm insuck findings were based involved no actual intercourse at all — they involved unpartnered masturbation of the clitoral glans while a rigid transparent insertable was inside the vagina. There are those who argue that female orgasms help to cement pair bonds, in a species requiring bi-parental care Eschler,; Morris, ; Rancour-Laferriere,

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We hope that the procedure is sufficiently robust and simple enough to be carried out by a larger sample of parties interested in the fertility-related aspects of their sexual response and look forward to independent replication.

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Women deserve orgasm equality

Energetics of the sexual system. Important physical properties of human semen include typical volume and viscosity. Scandinavian Journal of Psychology. This would help to offset the necessarily invasive elements of the study protocol. However, close inspection of the original paper shows that such criticisms rest on a misreading of the original graphs — which are admittedly laid out in a somewhat confusing manner. M, Knogler W, Huber J. J, Rowan L, Devitt M.

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