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And it's not - as some think - that those closed pages contain unique no-where to be found pictures. Since then they both run this site as a couple Meanwhile, Ruth had moved to another part of her country and was no longer able to "correct" the emailed stories. Even tho we found our nice comfy location at Skymouse's server, we have always been careful with bandwidth usage. But nevertheless, Ger hates pages with frames so the Female Desperation site will always stay "old fashioned" and without frames or popups. Thanks Webdigger, we still use the same old editor The pages got re-designed many times and in May of the startup page looked like this:

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Next to that there were of course the newgroups, but that was about all that was available by then. The only one we cannot and will not forget mentioning by name is Skymouse. In exchange Ger put a banner on to Skymouse's paysite. Since a few years we host his "Wetjeans Bookmark List". But with suddenly so many wetting websites around he decided to make a site that wasn't just focused on the wetting but more on the desperation aspect.

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  1. That ending was beautiful. Made me feel a bit less ashamed about tuggin on my tallywacker. I don't know why though.