Black lumps on vagina

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If you find a black spot that continues to enlarge, it could be Melanoma. Vaginal bumps and lumps are common, especially during your childbearing years or as you age. These include cysts, angiomas, and mollusca. Women who have lichen sclerosus have a slightly increased risk for cancer of the vulva. They are caused usually by blocked hair follicles. Your doctor may recommend that you try radiotherapy first because it may mean that you do not have your clitoris or labia removed.

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Vagina problems

Marlana Jean Shile Reviewed By: Chemotherapy drugs to control or kill the cancer. With the exception of syphilis, these other diseases do not cause you to develop any bumps in the genital area. They share many traits: These include cysts, angiomas, and mollusca. No treatment is usually needed for pregnant women, as varicosities usually recede about six weeks after the baby is born. Although the herpes infection itself is not particularly dangerous, the biggest problem is that it tends to come back in the same area multiple times.

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black lumps on vagina
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black lumps on vagina
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