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I can think of no good reason why this film ended poorly, other than the author was a literary masochist or a Shakespeare tragedy wannawriter. One living in the world's current superpower might be asking themselves such a thing these days. The Head in Clouds, is I can say tremendous movie, perfect one, two even four thumbs up. This is an Academy Award level film that was thrown in the trash by Sony and it's distributors. I was well entertained by this movie and thought the total effect was to keep me interested although it did become predictable in some spots. I've payed attention on every single moment at every single episode of this movie, and it was great, but one thing make me feel bad, the last moment when she been killed by french partisans.

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A young British man, Guy, Townsend joins in by her invitation.

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It will stick with you. Her voice is such that sometimes I think she is channeling Theresa Russell. Just another day at the office. Even in the most dramatic parts you fell asleep and didn't feel anything. The cast is strong, the settings are gorgeous in all three countries as captured by cinematographer Paul Sarossy, and the musical score by Terry Frewer introduces a potential talent for film composition while borrowing heavily from French cabaret songs, symphonic music by Edward Elgar, and pieces of Francis Poulenc.

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head in the clouds lesbian scene
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head in the clouds lesbian scene
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